Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Exchange

Do you like devotional books? Do you know what they are? It's a valid question. I met a northerner once who had never heard of having private devotions. Perhaps southern humidity lends itself to greater need.

I keep a Bible, a journal, a pencil, and a few devotional books by my bed...oh, and sometimes a guitar. I like musical prayer.  I always have the Bible on top of the stack, out of respect. It's a tradition where I'm from, like using capital letters for any pronoun representing G-D.  I guess that would make them proper pronouns? It's not so common these days, but at least the men still take off their ball caps during prayer, for the most part.

I do devotions first thing when I wake up, right after dream analysis. I read a Psalm, a chapter from the Gospels, and then I meander around the mysterious and controversial, oft considered obsolete pages searching for some hope for today. Before Facebook asks me what's on my mind, God asks me what's on my heart.

I like the devotional books with short readings. Oswald Chambers tops my list. "My Utmost for His Highest." What a great word, "utmost".  It's cool because no one uses it anymore, kind of like "oft." I have another one called "31 Days of Praise" and its companion book "31 Days of Prayer." I also use Dr. Rick Hanson's book for inspiration, "Just One Thing." Mental health with a compassionate twist. And then there's a great one called "Letting Go" from the author of Co-dependant No More. Co-dependancy is not the trendy word it once was, but the book is still helpful.

Some days I pause for devotions throughout the day. It really helps. Five or ten minutes of positive reinforcement.

Do you do devotions? Do you have favorites that set your attention in an encouraging direction for the day? I'm collecting titles.

Forgot to mention Max Lucado, Frederick Buechner, Thomas Merton, and Barbara Brown Taylor.

I value your comments!


  1. My favorite is Come Away my Beloved by Francis J. Roberts. Love it!

  2. Oh yeah! I know that one!! Another great inspiration. Thanks.

  3. I am a devotional book addict. I unashamedly admit it. Quiet time being devoted to him as I seek to know His presence is a non-negotiable if I am to live in triumph. Devotions for the Deeper Life" by Oswald Chambers is a favorite of mine, as well as Mrs. Cowman's "Streams in the Desert" and "Springs in the Valley", also. Dennis Kinlaw's "This Day With the Master." This year I am mainly using "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young and "Teach Me to Pray" by Andrew Murray. All joy. In His Presence, that's where we belong. -- kerry