Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Become Love

Here's a poem for you. Hope it inspires you.

I want to become love.
In word, in deed, indeed.
This will be my wholeness, my salvation, this will be yours.
For we are only human in our loving, not in our groping, our flaws, our coping with mediocrity  of the soul.
I will become love the day I stop breaking hearts, the aching part of me will trust and doubt and believe again.  And again.  And again.
I will become love the day I decide to live, to give my life, a blessing, a giving and receiving not taking. I’ve had my turn at glory. Take yours.
I will become love the moment I lay down my rightful revenge and forgive you all.
I will become love when I forgive myself, and hell’s shame fades into the bright abyss of eternal void filling and emptying with darkness and light and all belongs to Love itself.
I will become love when you forgive me, forgive and forget my sordid sins against you, and when you surrender your desire to despise me.
You will only love me for who I am, when I become love.
See me as love and I will become what you behold.
So what do you see? Because I want to become love.
I hope you know that I already am. 

©2/19/15  by Kim McLean

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