Friday, March 19, 2010

Do You Think We Need Heroes?

I thought this was an interesting post: 

Brain food: the psychology of heroism (The Guardian) psychotherapy: Of all the virtues, heroism is now the most remote. Heroes are either mythic or historical characters (Achilles or Gandhi) or they are superhuman (Spider-Man, or even 9/11 firefighters). What they are not is one of us. Our age has role models and it has celebrities, but it has no room for heroes. Fighting to revive heroism is Philip Zimbardo, the septuagenarian who is probably the most famous living psychologist in the world…
So,do you think we need heroes? Maybe we've become a culture full of that evil little character in the animated movie, THE INCREDIBLES, too jealous of Superman to thank him. Trouble is, if everyone is a hero, nobody is.

I suspect we're just hungry for viable heroes.

I miss them. But if it's up to us all to be heroes, we'd better get busy. The world should be back to it's beautiful self again soon!

Check out 2 Peter 1:3 for a little food for thought on this subject.
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  1. All people need heroes. Our society provides countless false heroes, so the challenge is to discern, based on values. Unfortunately, we're fragmented there too. This is all very important for the children.